Coconut Uke

My seven year old daughter likes to get coconuts at the grocery store because cool. And after we've scooped out all the meat you can make things. But after we did the Monty Python galloping about with two empty halves of coconuts, and bowls to put our rock tumbling and snacks in. . .they were starting to pile up. I figured this was not an original idea but other than a couple antiques obviously of pre-war vintage on Reverb I didn't see anyone making them online. Playable ones that is. You can buy a $12 version as a party decoration. So had to do this. The scale length is 13.5"

Like my never completed rebec project I had the idea to turn the neck on the lathe which is not only a lot faster tan carving it but gives me 2 necks in one.

This is the last bits of pecan left over from my "Glasebrook" dulcimers.

I'm glad I kept all those cutoffs of sitka spruce tops from my tenor citterns.

I took the mostly-assembled project to North Georgia for the holiday and finished it with hand tools. Very satisfying.

To make it even more folky I did tied-on frets. And of course friction pegs. Sounds pretty good! Pair with straw hat and Mai tai.